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I’ve been thinking about what to do for mothers day this year. Instead of a gift of a children’s portrait, lets celebrate the relationship of the mother and child. Lets create a image you as a mom can cherish when the kids have grown up and left the house. Lets give ourselves a gift this year! I will be running a mother and child mini special for Mothers, details coming soon. I’m excited about this as I look back at little snap shots of just last year and we all look so much younger….where does that time go? My son’s voice has changed into a mans voice….fourteen. He was just sitting in mud puddles for hours, on a sled, pretending it was a boat! I will be doing this Mothers Day portrait for MYSELF, join me.

Promotion timing coming soon. Share with moms you think deserve to give themselves this gift!

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What is my attraction to vintage if I’m not a collector of antiques. Thought for a while about this. What about it do I love? What aspects of the past do I love? I think the detail in which things where made is attractive and something that should be carried on. I love typography with a old letter press style and photography that had slight light leaks within the camera “happy mistakes”.  It wasn’t perfect and that makes it beautiful. Perfectly imperfect, organic and a touch of glitter….this has become my brand, my style and who I have embraced as ME! NIO_4359pintopinterest

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5x5albumpostpintopinterestAmazing things come in small packages….this is so true around weddings! Details are everything.  I just received this super cute album I think is so perfect for parents of the newly weds or a amazing baby book. I unexpectedly love the 5×5 size! Maybe its the fun size, maybe its the gray leather I chose to use (I’m loving gray lately) or maybe its that the size keeps the images at one or two a page so its easy to look at. Either way I’m loving the versatility of this album.

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