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I love when working with a customer feels like a gift to me. When I have the opportunity to connect with my customers their is this wonderful feeling of being in the right place at the right time that is so real
! I was lucky enough that her son is a photographer himself and we had a great time with the editing process in the studio. Just sharing a image and note from that session.
“My son is headed to college in Savannah this fall. I met with Sunshine to tell her about our last few years with the hope that she could capture the connection we share. I am absolutely thrilled. I will treasure this photo always…”
Kerin Ferrin, Rye, New Hampshire

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Mothers Day mini sessions are rolling! Have some fun and drag the children kicking and screaming, pouting and other wise to give yourself a gift this year!

After being denied by my son, the one thing I wanted for Mothers Day, a picture of me and my kids, I will tell you one tip, something is better than nothing. I was offered by him, a photo of the three of us if he could face the opposite direction, away from the camera! I said “no forget it”. Now, I would have taken that. At least his personality would have been there for me and I bet he would have turned around for just one. With that I say be silly in the face of the uncomfortable moment and facing your worst fear….getting kids to cooperate in a photo. I will take care of it, see my childrens gallery here. Embrace the reality and capture the moment as it was, because it will change…it always does, and silly is fun, and real, and better than no picture at all.

PS. I’m going to get my image, it’s not Mothers Day YET and I haven’t given up! 🙂

Love and Gratitude
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I am happy to be part of this Global Fund Raiser! The School Sessions is choreographing hundreds of photographers around the world to do a fund raising effort, in hopes of raising money to build a school in Haiti. On April 12th, many photographers will be donating any sessions done that day to this organization to help. This New Hampshire weather, and snow on April 8th, has prompted me to postpone my sessions day to the end of April. I will be running mini sessions for this and donating all session fees for the event to The School Sessions!

If you are interested in being part of the passion of helping children’s education please email me from my contact page and we will set a date!

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For more information on The School Sessions here is their site

I hope to see you at the end of April…from behind my camera!

Love and Gratitude


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Having a puppy is like having a newborn child. I realized this right away when I met BUBBA, a pug puppy, in his new home. He had been part of the family for only a few days before I came to photograph him. What a treat! Puppy portraits should be done like baby portaits as I feel its really the same. The difference of coarse is newborn children don’t chase you around….I had such a great time playing with him during his session! Bubba had us laughing with his crazy antics and was just a joy to photograph.
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I’ve been thinking about what to do for mothers day this year. Instead of a gift of a children’s portrait, lets celebrate the relationship of the mother and child. Lets create a image you as a mom can cherish when the kids have grown up and left the house. Lets give ourselves a gift this year! I will be running a mother and child mini special for Mothers, details coming soon. I’m excited about this as I look back at little snap shots of just last year and we all look so much younger….where does that time go? My son’s voice has changed into a mans voice….fourteen. He was just sitting in mud puddles for hours, on a sled, pretending it was a boat! I will be doing this Mothers Day portrait for MYSELF, join me.

Promotion timing coming soon. Share with moms you think deserve to give themselves this gift!

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