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  • Branding at the beach

    Erica contacted me the last days of shooting at the beach for a head shot shoot that portrayed her band. She is a wonderful wedding photographer in NH that specializes in weddings done outside so her branding shots

    Senior Portraits in the Studio!

    As is turns out Senior Portraits in the studio are really amazing and I hope to do more next year. Isabel, I just loved doing this shoot and I am so glad you wanted to do the prom dress with the 20’s flare at the

    Vicky Personal Branding : New Hampshire

    Vicky owner of White Elephant Wisdom needed some updated branding photos for her center. The carved elephant around her neck signifies so much in her life and is the symbol and name sake of her work. Her beautiful

    Studio Head Shots for Women

    When we get to a certain age, I feel around 40 to 50, women really start to come into who they are and settle into a personal comfort that is empowering. I absolutely LOVE shooting women that have gone past that point